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  • General


    Τhis Training Module concerns the formation of the overall understanding of the MAV approach from the trainers who will train the potential mentors.

    Emphasis is placed on discussing theoretical assumptions from which adult educators will draw ideas and practices in order to keep the trainees involved lively.

    It is interesting to highlight the importance of own life experiences of the mentors to be informing trustful relationships between them and mentees, based on the common starting point, named the understanding of the various barriers migrants confront in the process of integration.

    Based on positive examples our aim is to destructure stereotypes and ensure personal engagement and commitment to learning for a both sides integration.


    This part of the course introduces the learner to the ways that adults learn best. Each adult learner is an individual but generally adults have different motivations and reasons for undertaking learning than when they attended formal schooling as children. Some migrants may have received little or interrupted formal education during their childhood and they will need additional support and guidance to successfully undertake a learning experience as an adult.


    Type of training
    Train of trainers

    Training level
    First and Second Generation Migrants who expressed their willingness to become competent as mentors to other migrants in order to facilitate their social integration

    Profile of participants
    Adult educators, Social workers, volunteers, NGOs


    MAV approach | connected learning | experiential learning | contextual learning

  • Motivation Guidance Tools

    This unit is about:

    Principles of adult learning

    Methods for staying motivated as an adult trainer and mentor

    Tools for adult learning guidance

    Pages: 40Files: 2
  • Language and literacy learning modules

    This unit is about:

    Why are literacy skills important in adult learning?

    Can literacy skills be measured?

    How can Adult Learning Education confront future challenges?

    Pages: 19
  • Acquisition of awareness of benefits

    This unit is about:

    Principles and methods for teaching entrepreneurship to adult learners

    How to promote MAV to other migrants to experience the MAV learning

    Strategies for improving participation in and awareness of adult learning

    Pages: 28